R.I.P. Paul MacCormack 1930-2011

He found himself widowed at the age of 42 with 6 kids ranging in age from 19-3. What was he going to do?
Five boys and one girl to raise on his own. No one would have thought less of him if he had sent them 
off to other places, but he didn't. They were family and family stuck together. So they did,
The years passed and it wasn't always easy. There were marriages and deaths and grandchildren and great grandchildren. 
Some of them left and some of them came back. There were arguments and periods of time they barely talked to each other.
 But each of them knew they could count on the other wherever and whenever and why? 
Because they were family and family stuck together.

One birthday, one of those major ones, they managed to surprise him and they all gathered to celebrate. 
My husband and I told him we were taking him to dinner to celebrate. He had no reason to think otherwise as the boys 
had told him they would be down the next day. When he walked in the restaurant and saw all five of them, most of the 
wives and most of the grandkids, he was speechless. One of the few times this happened. He was very rarely at a loss 
for words.

It was a fun weekend, 
the next day he spent the morning fishing with the boys and then in the afternoon we gathered
 in his back yard. Hamburgs, hotdogs, good food and fun. They were all together to celebrate the man who raised them,
 who kept them together because they were family and family stuck together.

I was in a chair relaxing and I saw him standing in the doorway just looking  out on the chaos in the yard. The 
kind of loving chaos a big family will bring.  I asked "Dad, do you need something?"  He just smiled and said, 
"Nope, just enjoying the view."

He's gone now, but not forgotten.  Rest in Peace, Dad. You've done good,

8 thoughts on “R.I.P. Paul MacCormack 1930-2011

  1. Irene says:

    Good men deserve to be remembered. Thank you for this fitting tribute to a good man, sweetie!

  2. Thank you Irene! I do appreciate that,.

  3. He sounds like he was a wonderful man, he certainly raised a an amazing daughter

  4. Dear Elaine,
    My sympathy. You wrote a beautiful tribute.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss, Elaine. Hugs and love, lady.

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