Sweet Honesty

It’s the end of the week and as promised it’s Avon Time. The campaign books are filled with all sorts of goodies for everyone. One of these is an old favorite, Sweet Honesty. Back when I was in my 20’s(back in the late middle ages), I remember ordering it and thinking how wonderful the scent of it was. It’s described as an innocent, flirty bouquet of florals carressed by the sweetness of honey and a tender woodsey warmth. All I know was when my 20 year old self wore it, I felt pretty and feminine.

Over the years I’ve had stretches of time when I did not have access to Avon. This was before the age of home computers. When I did come back to Avon there it was waiting for me like an old friend. I have since graduated to heavier, sexier scents but if I ever need a scent to give to a young friend I’m going back to my old friend Sweet Honesty

If you are interested in Sweet Honesty or anything else Avon Check out my online store


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