Avon calling…

Today I held an Avon Open House at the clubhouse here in the complex where we live.  Yes, in addition to writing I am also an Avon Lady.   I enjoy it immensely. I don’t have a big business, I don’t want a big business. Writing has always been and will always be my first love.

Since it is  a little less than two months to Christmas, I did Christmas before Halloween. Why not? All the stores are doing it,

It was primarily people from in the complex and a few friends. I showed a little of what Avon is bringing out for Christmas.  I also had several gift sets they could purchase if they wish and not wait for an order to come in. And I had food. It was  a win win situation. Good friends, food, and a product you believe in. Plus I got to talk a bit about writing. Can’t get a much better afternoon than that.

I will be presented one or two item each campaign here on my blog.  Watch out for it.

As I was talking to friends today it hit me. Selling Avon is a lot like promoting my book. Talk about an aha moment

If you are interested in purchasing Avon  or even selling Avon check out my online store.




You don’t have to live near me to order from my store,  there is shipping



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