Mona Lisa Hook

	Mrs. Margaret Migillicudy, retired principal of Oakbrook high school, 
scourge of more than one generation of teenagers, had died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 99. 
I rolled the casket into place, locked the wheels and straightened the rosary wound around her hands. 
I stepped back for a last look. The body was ready to receive visitors.
My name is Mona DaVinci and trust me I’ve heard all the jokes. 
My nickname in high school was Mona Lisa. I own Da Vinci Funeral Home and Mortuary.

8 thoughts on “Mona Lisa Hook

  1. noraadrienne says:

    I like the hook, and I’m waiting for the next line to be, and Margaret sat up and wondered why she was in a casket.

    • lol nope, not thus one, There are some aurprises though. I’m almost done with first draft and this book is something I’ve never done before First person. I’m loving it.

  2. I’ve always loved the name Magillicudy. I like this hook because Mona owns a funeral home, which piques my interest. My expectation from your set-up would be that the dead principal is going to figure prominently in the story, which I also find interesting. What’s the genre? Adult mystery?

  3. Cortney says:

    Good writing. I would start with the sentence, “My name is Mona Davinci, and trust me, I’ve heard all the jokes.” That sentence was where you caught my interest, it has fantastic voice, gripped me right away.

  4. Emilia Quill says:

    Love the little details such as straightening the rosary, it shows that she takes pride and care in her work. Why she chose such a profession or was she forced into it, is interesting.

    “My name is Mona DaVinci” caught my attention, there must be a reson her parents gave her such name, even though she’s bound to be teased about it.

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