My Favorite Detectives

Yesterday, after watching baseball games I watcher several episodes of Masterpiece Mystery. It was one of my favorite detectives Inspector Lewis.

I’ve been watching Masterpiece Mystery for a long time, back when it was simply called Mystery and the host was the late Vincent Price. All this got me to thinking of some of my Detectives over the years and why they are my favorite.

Inspector Lewis started out as a Sargent Lewis in the Inspector Morse Mysteries. I didn’t miss one episode, I also read all the Colin Dexter novels. Morse was another favorite, cantankerous with a mind like a steel trap. He drank too much and eat all the wrong things but he had an air of mystery surrounding him. Especially about his life before he became a policeman.

Inspector Lynley I only recently discovered. Probably because when he was originally broadcast  I was working night shift. Thanks to Netflix I’m catching up on them.

Adam Dagliesh the poet Scotland Yard Inspector of P.D.James’ amazing stories.

I also discovered detectives from the golden age of mysteries and their creators. Ngaio Marsh, Dorothy Sayers and of course Agatha Christie.

These detectives are intelligent, moral, independent. A few of them are aristocrats some of them are amateurs but they don’t let that stop them. They and their creators have given me endless hours of joy, both on tv and in print. If my amateur detectives are half as good as they are, I’ll be happy.


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