Cooking Memories

I love cooking for myself and cooking for my family.
Al Roker

I know just how Al feels.  I love cooking, always have.  Some of my favorite memories are around food.

The first thing I remember cooking was when my mother taught me how to cook rice and tomato soup and hot dogs.Exotic, right? I think I was about 12 or 13 and I remember how grown up I felt cooking dinner.

When mom got sick I took over cooking dinner except for Sunday. That was my dad’s day.  He could make a mean Sunday roast, among other things. My brothers didn’t always like what I made but they eat it. Funny though, the things they complained the most about my husband loves.

I love to cook for people, whether it’s a meal  here at home or a potluck when I worked in an office, there was nothing better.

Holidays my husband and I love nothing better than to cook a huge meal for our friends. My family always had relatives in and out of the house for the day. My in-laws were the same and they always had one of two “extra’s”. People who had no family in the area and were invited for a holiday meal.

Since our families are on the east coast, and we are in Arizona our friends are our extended family, especially those with no family in the immediate area. I’ll cook a turkey or a ham, everyone invited is just asked to bring a side or a desert and we spend the afternoon eating and just hanging out.

It’s not just holidays either.  What are your favorite food memories?






4 thoughts on “Cooking Memories

  1. Allie Wilde says:

    I love cooking too. My favourite is the Sunday roast. You just can’t beat it, especially in winter. 🙂

  2. Allie Wilde says:

    Lol. Hit send too soon. I meant to add, even though there is no specific memories associated with it. That meal conjures up warmth and family.

  3. Holiday food, of course, is always awesome. I think it’s funny how each family develops their own list of favorites–my husband and I each have dishes that we LOVE from growing up, that the other is not thrilled with, but thankfully, we’re both pretty easy to please!

  4. Exactly! I was a decent cook when I got married but picked a lot up from my mother in law. Even though she is on the east coast she is still my go to person when I have a cooking issue.

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