Man Down

I keep the TV on during the day while I write. Mostly to keep some noise going on.  I need noise to work. Comes from growing up in a large family.  There was a story about how women are much better than men at doing most things. A book had been written to prove this theory

The title of the book is Man Down-Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women are Better Cops,Drivers, Gamblers… and just about everything else and the author is Dan Abrams. He is legal analyst for NBC News, yes a lawyer and the book is laid out like a legal argument.  I was interested enough to reserve the book at the library.

Each chapter is an argument on one item we do better than men. It’s complete with scientific data to prove the theory. The chapters run the gambit from being able to handle failed relationships better to being better at gathering mushrooms in a remote part of Mexico.

At 144 pages it is an easy read  In his closing argument he states “I think this is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that women, as a group, are the superior gender.”

DUH! Most of my friends could have told you that. However the information in the book is certainly fascinating and will give you ammunition for the next argument you have with the Man/Men in your life.

Notice- I borrowed this book from my local library for pleasure only. I had no intenion of reviewing it at the time. However after reading it I wanted to share.I received no payment of any kind for posting this review.


2 thoughts on “Man Down

  1. Dane Zeller says:

    Hrmph! I’m surprised there aren’t male rebuttals seventeen comments long. Wait a minute, there are only five men in the writing blogosphere! Hmm.

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