Long Post-Getting out of your comfort zone…Excerpt from latest book

I’m going to share an excerpt from my current book. THE MAN IN THE MIRROR is a reissue of the first book I sold. A book I had no intention of writing as I was not comfortable writing in that subgenre.

A  friend of mine suggested I contact a new publisher she was working with at the time. As I trusted this friend, still do, I said sure. The publisher, who is no longer in business, suggested I look at the bible for a series she wanted to do. The series was basically the retelling of some old movie musicals with a paranormal edge to them. I looked at said bible and all my favorite musicals were already taken. Then this one popped out and said HI THERE. It was a retelling of the Music Man, a wonderful musical, one I enjoy, but not my favorite.
There was a Man stuck in a Mirror, dressed in 200 year old clothing and he said, “Hello, can you help me. It seems my twin brother has captured me in this mirror.”
I was off. The person who swore she could never write a paranormal wrote one, in three months. A feat I have yet to repeat. I’ve written several paranormals since then but this always remains my favorite. Check out this excerpt and if you enjoy it, Man in the Mirror is available On Amazon, B&N and Smashwords. I hope to have it on POD thru create space in the next few months. Enjoy
The heroine, Mari, just arrived home when her sister calls.

“Hello, Fauna. I just walked into the house.”
“Well it’s about time. I’ve been trying to call you all day. I’ve had several dreams about you and some of them not good. Although one did involve this absolutely luscious man.”
“Fauna,” Mari said impatiently. Her sister, whose own love life could hardly be called stable, was bound and determined to play matchmaker, no matter how loudly Mari protested.
“Sorry, I got carried away. But some of those dreams also indicated danger. That’s why I called, to warn you. By the way, have you met any new men lately?”
“No, dear, I haven’t.”
“That’s a shame.”
Mari interrupted her before she could continue, “Fauna, listen to me. I need to talk to you about something.” She should have known better than to interrupt her sister.
“I have to tell you Mari, you’ll soon meet someone new who can change your life forever.”
Mari shook her head. “Fauna, the last man you said was the man of my heart almost stole my life savings.”
“Well, I do make a mistake, on occasion. None of us are perfect, not even Fiona.”
“Don’t tell her that.”
“Besides, you were able to take care of him. Quite nicely, too, I might add.”
“In case you forgot, Fauna, that spell was a disaster.”
“It’s not your fault someone didn’t write the entire spell down.”
“Fauna!” Mari loved her sister dearly but she could be so aggravating. Like conveniently forgetting she had been that someone who had forgotten to write the entire spell down.”
“I’m sorry. I think this time I’m right. But it won’t be easy, I can tell you that.”
“I’m used to that,” Mari sighed, “Seriously, I need to ask you something important. Pay attention.”
“I always pay attention,” Fauna insisted.
Recognizing the petulant tone of voice, and not wishing to start an argument, Mari ignored the comment. “Do you know of any witches or wizards moving into this area?”
“I’m not the one to ask dear, Fiona is the one with all the contacts. Besides, who would want to live up in that forsaken land, other than you of course.”
She chose to ignore her sister’s comment about the town she loved. “I’m not quite up to talking to Fiona tonight. You know what will happen. Especially if Angus isn’t around to play referee.”
“That’s only because she thinks you’re ignoring your heritage.You are part of an illustrious family.”
“I know that, can I help it if the magic gene went haywire when it came to me?”
“I still think it will straighten itself out given time. But enough of that, tell me, what makes you think that someone has moved up into your little town.”
Mari smiled. Fauna lived in London and had an apartment in New York City. Fiona traveled back and forth between her homes in New York and Canada. Both her sisters never understood her need to live in what they termed a “hovel”, the tiny town of Coals Well in upstate New York.
“There’s a new store in town, an antique shop. I haven’t been inside yet but I rode past it tonight.” She quickly told of her conversations with her friends and what happened when she drove past the store.
“Hmm, at least you haven’t neglected your upbringing totally, if you are able to recognize that.”
“I’ve never neglected my training, I’ve just learned my limitations. Something Fiona would never understand.”


4 thoughts on “Long Post-Getting out of your comfort zone…Excerpt from latest book

  1. Denise A.Agnew says:

    Great excerpt! And I live to write out of my comfort zone. 😉

  2. Fun excerpt! It’s funny, the twists and turns we take in our writing as we have ideas pop into our heads that won’t let go!

  3. Hi Heather
    Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. It is funny how that happens, Luckily my husband is also a writer and I can say something to him and he won’t think I’m insane. 🙂

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