Avon Calling

And not for the reason you think. Or maybe it is.
Yes, I do sell Avon so allow me a minute to tell you if you are interested check out my online store Elaine’s Avon–   Thank you

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Today I had a meeting for Avon. Since I don’t have a car, I have to take the bus. Usually I read but I ran late and forgot my nook. 😦 So, I people watched and tried to figure out what people did. Or what their occupation would be if I put them in a book.
The older man and his nephew who were sitting at the bus stop when I arrived. When someone one calls me Ma’am I cringe, unless they are older than me. The man had stopped in the shade so his uncle could rest a few minutes. We talked a few minutes the way some people do at a bus stop. Then they got up and walked away, leaving me to wait for my bus.

As they walked away I wondered are they really related? Probably.
But if they weren’t or even if they were there are many possibilities. Maybe the nephew was taking his uncle on a final trip. The man seemed to be getting on in years.

On the bus there were several people some lost in their paper or their music I just watched and tried to imagine where they came from and where they were going.

This was only my second meeting even though I’ve been selling Avon for about 4 months. I looked around the room and my mind started, The woman running the meeting, the new rep sitting next to me, the ones at the table next to us, or behind us. Each of them had a story to tell, at least in my mind.

By the time I got home, between the meeting and the bus rides there and back, all the people I met.Security guards, school kids, rides on the bus, the bus drivers themselves, each of them or parts of them will end up in a book someday. For now they’re heading into my story seed file for now. There they will sit and germinate until I need them.


2 thoughts on “Avon Calling

  1. Alica says:

    I do this too, and then a become paranoid that other people are analyzing me the same way- then I remember that sane non-writer people are busy with other things and don’t care about what made me wear a silk top with sweat pants.

  2. exactly. Non writers wouldn’t understand. as I told someone who upset me once. Get me mad enough you end up in my novel, as a dead body.:)

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