Baseball Food

We watch a lot of baseball in this house. A LOT. Once in a while we do make it to a ball park. Last night my husband went to a minor league game with a couple of friends. It got me to thinking about ball park food.
Most parks have gone beyond hot dogs, peanuts and beer. The newer parks have food courts now. Food Network has done a show on baseball food and they’ve shown everything from steak to sushi.
Nothing beats a ball park hotdog, smothered in what ever you want. Me, I’m a purist I like my hot dogs plain. I want nothing to deter from the taste. I think somehow they absorb the energy and excitement in the park while they are cooking. I never get the same taste when I grill hot dogs at home. Even beer tastes different, I’ll drink it at the ball park but not at home.
Give me a couple of Fenway Franks, a beer,sitting in Fenway park watching my RedSsox’s play. it’s almost as good as a filet mignon.
What’s your favorite ball park food?


3 thoughts on “Baseball Food

  1. Alica says:

    Some foods you just have to eat there- they just don’t taste the same at home.

  2. Dru says:

    Cracker Jacks and Hot Dogs

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