Healthy Eating

As I mentioned earlier one of my favorite shows is TWO FAT LADIES which is showing in reruns on the cooking channel.  However if I actually eat like that I would be huge, not that I’m actually small but I would definitely be bigger not to mention the diet isn’t exactly one my doctor would recommend.

So I try to eat healthy, and I am constantly looking for new recipes that both my husband and I could eat and enjoy.  I have a file going of recipes I find online.

One site I have found helpful if Chef Jeffs Passport to Healthy Cooking.  I found very helpful  His  newsletter is  full of recipes especially Meatless Mondays which has some recipes that even a carnivore would love.

So sign up for his newsletter and check out Chef Jeff’s other site and learn about his cookbook.
What is your favorite healthy eating recipe site on the web.? Share it in comments below?
Full disclosure-Chef Jeff is fully aware of this blog but I have received no payment in exchange for it. This is simple my opinion based on my use of Passport to Health Cooking site and newsletter..


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