Thank god for my Nook…and Jane Austin

I had an interesting night last night. Husband called me from work saying he didn’t feel good. He needed to go to the ER. He’s been having abdominal pain and was getting worse.
We do not have a car, luckily I was able to get a hold of a neighbor who drove me to get him and then took us to the ER. The dear man and good friend waited for us so we would not have to take a cab home.

Anyway, there I was in the cubicle with my husband. He’d had blood work done, paper work was signed, doctor had been in and advised us he would send my husband for a cat scan. He also said he was third in line and they would come get him. Ok, for an ER third in line is good. I figured we’d be out of there in a two hours.
I should have known better, especially with my medical background. I was a Licensed Practical Nurse for ten years. Just enough medical knowledge to be dangerous. Especially when you are a worrier like I am.
Luckily I had the sense to grab my Nook before I left the house. My husband fell asleep which was fine, he needed it. But I was not leaving, I could sit in the lobby with our friend but I would only worry more.
So I pulled out my Nook and started reading Sense and Sensibility. One of my favorites. Of course I have seen the movies and love the version with Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. Soon I was lost in Jane Austins world, other than occasionally looking up at husband to be sure he was ok.
Number 3 in line turned into 4 hours later. I won’t say I wasn’t grumpy about the wait but with my book to keep my company I wasn’t as grumpy.
When all was said and done we found out he has an umbilical hernia. Not bad enough to need immediate surgery but he is being referred to a surgeon.
If he has to have surgery I will bring my Nook to keep me company while I wait. I would have finished Sense and Sensibility by then but there is always Pride and Prejudice, or Mansfield Park.


4 thoughts on “Thank god for my Nook…and Jane Austin

  1. Jane says:

    Didn’t you know there is a four hour minimum for ER visits?

    I hope Michael recovers quickly.

    what are we going to do with you two?

    BTW, I’m reading Mansfield Park now. Actually, listening to the audio version when i walk the dog.

    • Yes I do I was just hoping…:) Foolish me.
      What are we going to do with you two? ??If I had the answer to that one I’d tell you.
      Audio is good. However since I have seen just about every movie made of a Jane Austin Novel I have an actor and a voice in my head when I read them. 🙂

  2. I’ve never read any Jane Auten. I’m glad Michael is doing okay. TMC is my fav ER- they are very quick and comfy- at least on the kids side.

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