Comfort Food

I have coffee twice a week with some ladies in the complex where I live. We got to talking once about food you remember from childhood. What most of us would call comfort food.
For me it was Chicken with Rice soup. We always had tomato soup because it was something my mom could add mile to and stretch it. Which is important when you have six kids.
However, when we were sick as kids we got three things. First what I call the Irish cure all. A cup of tea and two aspirins. Then we could have whatever type of soup we wanted. For me it was Campbells Chicken with Rice Soup.
Later my grandmother made chicken soup and sent it down when she knew I was sick. Now I make it myself. I can always tell when the husband is not feeling well. He calls me and ask me to make chicken soup for dinner. It’s his comfort food and has been since he was a child. First his mom’s soup and now mine.

My other dish that qualifies as comfort food is what we had every Saturday night growing up. Hot dogs, Baked beans and brown bread. The beans and brown bread both from a can. I have made beans from scratch but now I do the semi-homemade thing. Open up a can and doctor it up with garlic, onion bacon and whatever stricks my fancy. Can’t get the brown bread in the can, not here in So. Arizona. However I know I can call or email my youngest brother and he will send me some.

So, what’s your favorite comfort food.,.


2 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. As a kid it was chicken and dumpling soup- my mom used to make it. Now I make a veggie version of French Onion soup for when someone is sick.

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