Cooking Time

It’s Monday and that means it’s Cooking Time. Thanks to my friend and critique buddy I was able to decide on a semi schedule of blogging. Monday  is Cooking Time. Wednesday is Books I Like -Books from my TBR  pile It may or may not be the latest but it will be something from my ever growing pile. Friday – Inspirational quotes  I love quotes that inspire me and will share some with you.

Since it is Monday…COOKING TIME

When I’m not reading or writing I love to cook.  Saturday night is my night for the Cooking Channel. I was so excited when this Channel was announced. I love the Food Channel but at night it is more reality shows than cooking shows.
There is one of my favorite shows on Saturday night. TWO FAT LADIES. Yes these are reruns, the show ran from 1996-1999.  Jennifer has been dead for awhile a heavy smoker she succumbed to lung cancer.
Yes the recipes were enough to make a cardiologist have a heart attack. I like to figure out a substitute for some of the things they cook.  But they are fun to watch and hopefully you can learn something from them. Do you have a favorite cooking show?


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