Excuse Me While I Brag

I’ve spent the past few days formatting and uploading the first piece of fiction written by my husband, Michael Charton.

The title is MORIARTY THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A CRIMINAL GENIUS and it’s available now on Amazon and on Smashwords as well as on Barnes and Noble.com.

It’s the story of Professor James Moriarty, the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes. From his childhood in Ireland to his fatal trip over the Reichenbach falls. So, if you ever wonder how he got to be the man Holmes called The Napoleon of Crime. Then check it out!

Now for my quote of the week
“No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.” – Mark Twain

We’ve been married for 27 years and we are far from perfect but you’re still my best friend. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband.


Healthy Eating

As I mentioned earlier one of my favorite shows is TWO FAT LADIES which is showing in reruns on the cooking channel.  However if I actually eat like that I would be huge, not that I’m actually small but I would definitely be bigger not to mention the diet isn’t exactly one my doctor would recommend.

So I try to eat healthy, and I am constantly looking for new recipes that both my husband and I could eat and enjoy.  I have a file going of recipes I find online.

One site I have found helpful if Chef Jeffs Passport to Healthy Cooking.  I found very helpful  His  newsletter is  full of recipes especially Meatless Mondays which has some recipes that even a carnivore would love.

So sign up for his newsletter and check out Chef Jeff’s other site  Dinnerevolution.com and learn about his cookbook.
What is your favorite healthy eating recipe site on the web.? Share it in comments below?
Full disclosure-Chef Jeff is fully aware of this blog but I have received no payment in exchange for it. This is simple my opinion based on my use of Passport to Health Cooking site and newsletter..

Getting Old is the Best Revenge – Book Review

Disclaimer, I purchased this book, for my own pleasure. I was not given this book or paid anything for this review.
Author Rita Lakin
ISBN 0440242592

This is not the first book in the series but it is the first one I have read and it won’t be the last.
“Never trust anyone under seventy-five!” is the motto for the Gladdy Gold Detective Agency.
Gladdy and her cohorts are residents of  Lanai Gardens, a retirement community in Florida.

A jealous wife, a flasher, the death of three of Florida’s Wealthiest  women. The crimes appear to be unrelated, but are they?

Reading about Gladdy and company is like listening to my husband’s grandmother. I was thankful to find a small Yiddish glossary in the front of the book . After almost twenty seven years of marriage I had to pick some of it up. I now have the correct spelling.

This book reminds you that growing old doesn’t mean you shrivel up and die. If anything you live more than ever. Gladdy and the handsome Jack also prove that love is the most important thing no matter what your age.

Do you know what you are eating?

Just watched a movie titled Food Inc. If you haven’t seen it yet I would do so. We rented it off Netflix.

It’s all about the big industry that is the farmers and the food supplied to us by them. It was an eye opener. Wether you believe what they say or not I seriously doubt you will watch this and not check the nutrition label for more than calories and fat grams the next time you go grocery shopping..

Thank god for my Nook…and Jane Austin

I had an interesting night last night. Husband called me from work saying he didn’t feel good. He needed to go to the ER. He’s been having abdominal pain and was getting worse.
We do not have a car, luckily I was able to get a hold of a neighbor who drove me to get him and then took us to the ER. The dear man and good friend waited for us so we would not have to take a cab home.

Anyway, there I was in the cubicle with my husband. He’d had blood work done, paper work was signed, doctor had been in and advised us he would send my husband for a cat scan. He also said he was third in line and they would come get him. Ok, for an ER third in line is good. I figured we’d be out of there in a two hours.
I should have known better, especially with my medical background. I was a Licensed Practical Nurse for ten years. Just enough medical knowledge to be dangerous. Especially when you are a worrier like I am.
Luckily I had the sense to grab my Nook before I left the house. My husband fell asleep which was fine, he needed it. But I was not leaving, I could sit in the lobby with our friend but I would only worry more.
So I pulled out my Nook and started reading Sense and Sensibility. One of my favorites. Of course I have seen the movies and love the version with Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. Soon I was lost in Jane Austins world, other than occasionally looking up at husband to be sure he was ok.
Number 3 in line turned into 4 hours later. I won’t say I wasn’t grumpy about the wait but with my book to keep my company I wasn’t as grumpy.
When all was said and done we found out he has an umbilical hernia. Not bad enough to need immediate surgery but he is being referred to a surgeon.
If he has to have surgery I will bring my Nook to keep me company while I wait. I would have finished Sense and Sensibility by then but there is always Pride and Prejudice, or Mansfield Park.

Comfort Food

I have coffee twice a week with some ladies in the complex where I live. We got to talking once about food you remember from childhood. What most of us would call comfort food.
For me it was Chicken with Rice soup. We always had tomato soup because it was something my mom could add mile to and stretch it. Which is important when you have six kids.
However, when we were sick as kids we got three things. First what I call the Irish cure all. A cup of tea and two aspirins. Then we could have whatever type of soup we wanted. For me it was Campbells Chicken with Rice Soup.
Later my grandmother made chicken soup and sent it down when she knew I was sick. Now I make it myself. I can always tell when the husband is not feeling well. He calls me and ask me to make chicken soup for dinner. It’s his comfort food and has been since he was a child. First his mom’s soup and now mine.

My other dish that qualifies as comfort food is what we had every Saturday night growing up. Hot dogs, Baked beans and brown bread. The beans and brown bread both from a can. I have made beans from scratch but now I do the semi-homemade thing. Open up a can and doctor it up with garlic, onion bacon and whatever stricks my fancy. Can’t get the brown bread in the can, not here in So. Arizona. However I know I can call or email my youngest brother and he will send me some.

So, what’s your favorite comfort food.,.