Cheaper than Therapy

Yesterday was my day to post at  Romancing the Genres  The subject was “You know you’re a Romantic Suspense Writer when…

I went back in this morning to answer any comments and as I was doing so I had one of those “AHA” (cue heavenly music) moments. When I write about a crime, the criminal is usually, at least in my head, someone I don’t particularly care for. Sometimes the murder victim(s) is someone who has really really really pissed me off.It’s a great way to handle all your agressions.

Break up with a boyfriend.girlfriend, had a nasty divorce, didn’t like the treatment received by a waitress at dinner? Bank teller screw up your account? Don’t get mad get even, not literally of course. But trust me it works.

True story-a few years back I was at a luncheon held by my at that time employer. It was to honor milestones in peoples employment, five years, ten years, etc… Mine was five years. Anyway, my manager had to stand up, introduce me and say something nice about me.  Oh oh…

He stood and started speaking, now remember this was a company sponsored business lunch.  He said the best way to describe Elaine is to say she is a character. Speaks her mind, do not ask her a question unless you really want to know the answer and be careful because she had five brothers and knows how to fight. And she is also a published author so be careful what you say around her as it might end up in one of her books.

I didn’t know what to think, half the people in the room I was friends with and the other half I had never met. As I got up to receive my certificate for five years of service I didn’t know whether to laugh or be humiliated. I decided what was good for the goose was good for the gander. As I accepted, I said “Thank you so much and remember one think, If you really piss me off you may end up as a character inone of my books, a dead character!” The room was in stitches as I sat down.

Much better than Therapy


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