It will come to me.

Not yet, but I will be someday.

What? Are you telling me I’m crazy? There are plenty who will agree with you, some of them my nearest and dearest. So where is this going?

One day I was talking to the ladies who run the management office in the complex where I live.  We were talking about the big multi state lottery that had been won by two people.

Both women turned to me and said, “I’m a million dollar winner.” I looked at them like they were crazy, they had just told me they hadn’t gotten any lottery tickets.  One of them said, I’m a million dollar winner, it just hasn’t come to me yet, but it will. I put it out there to the universe.

I’ve done that with other things in my life but not my writing and why not?  I’m a finalist for an award to be given out in March. Unfortunately I have another engagement so I won’t be there to accept but it will come to me.

I just finished the first draft of a manuscript, a mystery, a cozy something I had not done before.  I decided to go back and rewrite it. The first draft was done in third person, just like my romantic suspense novels. After reading the draft I realized I should be writing it in first person. I could put so much more into it.

I’ve never written something in first person, this will be a first. However I am putting it out to the universe. I believe I have to write this, I believe it will work and I will put it out to the universe so it will find the editor who loves it as well as I do.

Stay tuned…


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