My Blue Heaven

Back in May of 2003 my husband and I packed our belongings and moved cross-country to what we have come to consider God’s County. Tucson Arizona.  No snow, sun, minimal rain, no snow, warmth, friendly people, less expensive to live, no snow.  If you haven’t guessed I am not a snow person.

Tucson has lived up to our expectations, no it is not perfect, perfection is boring. We have watched the news with talks of  violence and problems everywhere else, secure in the knowledge that yes we had crime in Tucson but it didn’t affect us, Mostly. Then came January 9, 2011- a bright sunny glorious Tucson Saturday. Families were running around, soccer games to be played, dance and.or karate class and on the NW side of town our congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s was holding one of her “congress on the corners” meeting her constituents at a local Safeway. To talk, to listen, to shake hands, to let them know she is on their side.  It was one of her favorite things to do.

Then a shooter came up to the gathering and when it was all done, far to many people were injured, including Ms Gifford’s who was shot in the head. Far to many people were killed, including a young girl just elected to student council wanting to see politics in action. Also, an elderly couple, the wife had been shot several times in the leg – Her husband killed as he shielded her body with his.

Political rhetoric has been thrown back and forth since this happened however this is not about politics this is about a brave woman struggling to stay alive, it’s about the grandfather who will not be around to see his grandchildren, the wife who has to live on without her best friend and it’s about the tragic, all to short life of a budding politician. Born the morning of one tragedy only to end her life at another.

However in all the pain there is hope, in the faces of those at the candlelit vigils being held all over town, in the faces of the doctors with thier almost daily briefings and in listening to the heroes who helped that day I know that one day Tucson will heal.  One day it will once again become my blue heaven, until then I pray, for the victims and thier families and thier  friends and for the citizens who will heal, eventually.


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