Christmas Season

This is a video on you tube done when a Border Patrol Agent, who was killed in the line of duty, was returned to his home town of Detroit.  It is not exactly Christmas viewing but I would recommend it anyway.

Why?You may ask.  Christmas is the season of beginnings and renewals with the New Year. It is also a season of memories.From a childs first christmas, your first Christmas as a teenager, an adult, a married person, a parent, a grandparent and if your lucky a great grandparent.  Some of those memories will be gone forever for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and his family.

Earlier this month we also found out that a friend of my husband’s had passed. It was unexpected, he had not heard from her in a while and went to her Facebook page to wish her a happy birthday only to find out  she had died earlier in the year.  She was my age.

So in this season of renewal and rebirth, make some more memories. Hold your friends and family close, especially those that do not live near you. Make a phone call, invite them for dinner.  Make some memories.

I promise my next post will be cheerful!


First Draft

Yes, I finally finished a first draft of my current work in progress. I love that feeling-that joy of writing those two words THE END.

But is it really the end?  Not yet.  I put the file aside for now so I can look at it with fresh eyes. I will probably start after the new year.  Print it out and edit.  Some people can edit on the computer but I am not one of them. I have to have hard copy to edit on. It’s just what works for me.

Everyone has their own way of doing things. I just get the first draft out, I call it “vomit” not the prettiest analogy but it works. I write and don’t stop until I am done.  I will make notes to myself for later.

Before I print it out I will run it through spell check and then work on adding the layers to the chapters. Description-more dialogue-occasionally more characters- Especially with this book. A new character popped up and took the story over so I may end up starting the story further in.

That is the joy of writing.  It is the same, yet it’s not.  The basics are the same it’s how we approach them that differs.

Once I do all the edits and have what I think is the final edition I give it to my two final readers. One checks for consistency and one for grammar. Then, I’ll submit it-but that’s for another post.