The Dreaded Agent Pitch

My RWA chapter rocks!  We have been lucky enough to have editors and agents come out to speak to us on various aspects of the business. This coming Saturday is one of those meetings.

An advantage of this is that you may get to meet with said editor or agent and pitch your book. My entire critique group was lucky enough to be picked to meet with the agent and pitch our books to her.

Those of you who have been subjected to this phenomenon at a conference can appreciate what happened at my house this afternoon. My critique group met at my home today. Usually we met at the local B&N. However, we do tend to get rather loud and today we were even louder.

I tried to explain the stress factor of this to someone once. This person was obviously not a writer. He did not understand why you didn’t just write the book-send it out and someone agreed to represent you.  We wish!

So after 4 hours, lots of iced tea and munchies later. Hey this is hard work! We each had a relatively coherent blurb and had practiced it a few times.  Are we ready?  Probably not. I am sure there will be some emails and phone calls going back and forth between now and Saturday’s meeting. Lots of nerves before we have our meeting with the agent. However not as much as there would be if we had not met today.

Best case scenario- we are all asked to submit at least a partial with those wonderful words REQUESTED SUBMISION. More than likely only some of us will be asked and that is ok as well. As I explained to my critique group, if the agent doesn’t want to or feels she cannot  give the time and energy to selling your book as you gave to writing it, than you may not be the right match. And there is nothing wrong with that.

When I first started out one of my favorite authors told me that getting published is 50% talent and 50% luck. The luck lied in finding the editor and or agent who loves your story as much as you do. It was one of the pieces of advice that has helped me survive the dreaded rejection letter. That and lots of chocolate!



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