Where we live, we have a small patio that is fenced in and located just outside the living room. I love to sit out there with my coffee some mornings just listening to the world. Earlier today I was outside hanging some Halloween decorations.  I saw two boys about 10 years old playing outside. Nothing unusual about that, a sunny Tucson Sunday afternoon not to hot, the kind of afternoon my mother would kick us outside and say go play.

In this days of X box, Wii, Nintendos, Ipods every electronic item imaginable to keep a child entertained none of these were to be seen. Instead these boys were relying on something I thought may have been all by forgotten. They used thier imagination.  They were playing soldiers. Each had a plastic helmets and one of them had a toy gun and they used things they found outside to enhance the experience.

Now, the uber politically correct might think that would encourage violence. I couldn’t see that. What I saw was two boys using thier imagination to play a game that boys, and some girls, have played for ages.

When you were growing up what was your favorite game to play that required you to use your imagination?


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