Moving Memories

Most of you who know me know that I have quit my job to stay home and write full time. One of the reasons we were able to do this was we moved into an apartment that we could pay for on my husbands salary.

I have slowly been unpacking everything and actually am having fun. Especially today. What made today different?  A Pink Gun and Holster set.

There is a story about this, as there is with most things.  A story which I had not heard about until I was much older, and I am one of the main characters in this story.

When I was 2 years old I wanted a gun and holster set just like my brothers. My mother should have realized then I was not the frilly little girl she wanted but that’s another story.  I wanted the gun and holster set, it was the only thing I wanted for Christmas and I would have it. This would explain my life long love of cowboys. However, my mother was determined people would know she had a little girl. It was decided I would have a Pink gun and holster.

Now this was 1956 and there were not a whole lot of stores in Boston that sold pink gun and holster sets. In fact they searched everywhere and a few days before Christmas it was found, in a tiny store in a small town in the state of New Hampshire. 🙂

I did not remember this, but I do have a picture somewhere of me and my brother with our gun and holster sets on. It was not until I was engaged that my dad told the story to my then fiancée one Christmas.  But I never forgot it.  Flash forward twenty plus years later and we moved to Arizona. One weekend we drove down to Tombstone for the day.

There we were strolling through town having grown up on cowboy movies, Tombstone and Gunfight at the O.K.Corral being about my favorites, I was inhaling the whole experience.  We decided to step inside a store to cool down. This was June in Arizona and HOT. I began wandering around and suddenly I saw it. I yelled for my husband who came running over. I pointed to the shelf and there between several brown and black gun and holster sets was a bright pink one!  Shiny and lovely and waiting for me.

Of course I bought it and hung it up over my desk to remind me that even though my mother has not been with us for over 30 years she was right. I can get what I want. I should go for what I believe in.  It now has the same place of honor in my new home.

I turned 50 the year we moved to Arizona. My first book was published six months after that and I have had several others published since then. Including EZ Lovin’ the hero of this book is your typical Texas Cowboy. I know where every she is on the other side my mother is laughing and enjoying it all.

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