Halloween is usually fun, I love when the kids come trick or treating. Unfortunately we only had 4 kids¬†show up tonight. I thought it was because we are new in the neighborhood. However, everyone I talk to on line has said the same thing. Maybe it’s because Halloween is on a Sunday? Who knows.

I do know my husbands coworkers will love all the extra candy he is bringing tomorrow. ūüôā

It has been a fun week or so for me. I found out that my current release, Mac’s Man is a finalist in the Epic EBook Awards. This is the Electronic Publishing Internet Connection’s award for the best in E-books and small press. I’m a finalist in the Romantic Suspense Category and thrilled to pieces.

The winners will be announced at Epicon thier annual conference held this year in Williamsburg, Va.

Unfortunately, I will not be there. However, I will be at the Tucson Festival of Books the same weekend. This is the third year of it’s¬†existence¬†and it is already listed as the 4th largest book festival in the country. Having participated in the¬†Festival¬†all three years I can tell you it is a fun filled wonderful weekend for readers and writers of all genres. With areas devoted just to children and teens.

So, if you are not going to be in Williamsburg the weekend of March 12-13,2011 consider coming to Tucson. The weather is warm, without being hot. I lived on the east coast for 50 years and March is my favorite time of year here.

Good people…good food…and great books. It doesn’t get better than that.



Where we live, we have a small patio that is fenced in and located just outside the living room. I love to sit out there with my coffee some mornings just listening to the world. Earlier today I was outside hanging some Halloween decorations.  I saw two boys about 10 years old playing outside. Nothing unusual about that, a sunny Tucson Sunday afternoon not to hot, the kind of afternoon my mother would kick us outside and say go play.

In this days of X box, Wii, Nintendos, Ipods every electronic item imaginable to keep a child entertained none of these were to be seen. Instead these boys were relying on something I thought may have been all by forgotten. They used thier imagination.  They were playing soldiers. Each had a plastic helmets and one of them had a toy gun and they used things they found outside to enhance the experience.

Now, the uber politically correct might think that would encourage violence. I couldn’t see that. What I saw was two boys using thier imagination to play a game that boys, and some girls, have played for ages.

When you were growing up what was your favorite game to play that required you to use your imagination?

Book in a Week

It’s that time again, our chapters monthly Book in a Week challenge. I am curious to see how well I do.

Last month, we  had just moved into our new apartment.  I got more writing done then usual even with unpacking.  I still have some things to put away so I will have more time to spend.  Today was spent doing the every day house things as well as updating websites for both my husband and myself.  However yesterday I did manage to get 2.5 pages written.

I have been doing well the days I go to B&N. I sit myself in a chair and write-with small breaks when friends who work there take a¬†break. ¬†I’ve been averaging 1000 words each day I am there. Hopefully this week I will do better. ¬†Stay tuned.

Moving Memories

Most of you who know me know that I have quit my job to stay home and write full time. One of the reasons we were able to do this was we moved into an apartment that we could pay for on my husbands salary.

I have slowly been unpacking everything and actually am having fun. Especially today. What made today different?  A Pink Gun and Holster set.

There is a story about this, as there is with most things.  A story which I had not heard about until I was much older, and I am one of the main characters in this story.

When I was 2 years old I wanted a gun and holster set just like my brothers. My mother should have realized then I was not the frilly little girl she wanted but that’s another story. ¬†I wanted the gun and holster set, it was the only thing I wanted for Christmas and I would have it. This would explain my life long love of cowboys. However, my mother was determined people would know she had a little girl. It was decided I would have a Pink gun and holster.

Now this was 1956 and there were not a whole lot of stores in Boston that sold pink gun and holster sets. In fact they searched everywhere and a few days before Christmas it was found, in a tiny store in a small town in the state of New Hampshire. ūüôā

I did not remember this, but I do have a picture somewhere of me and my brother with our gun and holster sets on. It was not until I was engaged that my dad told the story to my then fiancée one Christmas.  But I never forgot it.  Flash forward twenty plus years later and we moved to Arizona. One weekend we drove down to Tombstone for the day.

There we were strolling through town having grown up on cowboy movies, Tombstone and Gunfight at the O.K.Corral being about my favorites, I was inhaling the whole experience.  We decided to step inside a store to cool down. This was June in Arizona and HOT. I began wandering around and suddenly I saw it. I yelled for my husband who came running over. I pointed to the shelf and there between several brown and black gun and holster sets was a bright pink one!  Shiny and lovely and waiting for me.

Of course I bought it and hung it up over my desk to remind me that even though my mother has not been with us for over 30 years she was right. I can get what I want. I should go for what I believe in.  It now has the same place of honor in my new home.

I turned 50 the year we moved to Arizona. My first book was published six months after that and I have had several others published since then. Including EZ Lovin’ the hero of this book is your typical Texas Cowboy. I know where every she is on the other side my mother is laughing and enjoying it all.